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Ace of Space Interiors is a Toronto based company owned by Rotem Lamsee. Rotem is an entrepreneurial designer who has many years under her belt in the design industry. A graduate from the International Academy of Design, Rotem plied her trade in the graphic design field for over 11 years. Some of her key and most notable projects as the creator and art director include the award winning Toronto City Guide, still in circulation for its 10th year.

Being the daughter of a General Contractor, Rotem grew up on job sites and had a fascination for building, construction and design at a very young age. She has rolled up her sleeves many-a-time, helping with things like framing, flooring, tiling and designing. She also has a passion for furniture making that often includes reupholstering, repurposing and giving new life to an old piece. It wasn’t until she purchased her first house, that she realized this was her natural environment.

Rotem has turned her passion and focus for design from the digital to the interior realm, taking her real world experience and seamlessly made the jump to interior design, where she can impart her vast knowledge and experience to help her clients realize their dreams for a better, more functional living space.

Her company Ace of Space Interiors specializes in layout design, turning unused space into valuable, livable square footage. As comfort and logic is top priority, rest assured your space will be designed to suite your needs and better your life.

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SPACE planning

We specialize in efficient space planning. Floor plans are extensively thought out and every square inch is considered.

interior decorating

We can help enhance your style in every room so that when you walk in, the room will greet you.


Considering a home renovation? Give us your key and we will take care of the rest. Read more under Services.

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concierge service
Our concierge service is our most valueable service as it provides you with peace of mind. Give us the key and we will take care of the rest. Services included: Floor Plans, Building Permits, Design Concept, Framing and Trades, walk throughs and deliveries, Styling & Presentation. You will come home to a magazine spread.
Design Consultation

A consultation with Ace of Space will include a one-hour visit where we will discuss what you are looking to get out of your space. We will go over some inspirational images to find your style. I will then suggest the services you may need to achieve what you are after and I will also try to provide some estimated costs.

Floor Plans

We are ACES at space planning and therefore get very excited at an opportunity to draft floor plans. Every square inch is accounted for in our designs making for a very logical and useful space design.

Design Concept
When hiring Ace of Space for Design Concept you are a step closer to realizing your vision. Here is a short breakdown of what our design concept service includes: Floor plans, Lighting plan, Colour scheme, Style, Textures, Fixtures, Furnishings, Accessories, Hardware, Faucets... everything the eye will see when the project is complete. You can be as involved in this process or leave it all to us. You will be presented with the specific design concept once we have selected all the elements. This process is extensive and can take several weeks based on individual projects.
Kitchen Design
The kitchen design includes a logical kitchen layout design, colour scheme, selection of tiles, cabinets, hardware, flooring, counter, specialty cabinet features, faucets, appliances all based on your vision and inspiration. The Kitchen is the most popular room in a house and this process can take several weeks based on individual projects.
Bathroom Design
Bathroom design includes a logical bathroom layout design, colour scheme, selection of tiles, cabinets, hardware, flooring, counter, vanity, specialty cabinet features, faucets, accessories, custom shelving all based on your vision and inspiration.
3D Rendering
Looking to renovating part or all of your home? Ace of Space can provide you with a 3D rendering of a potential layout you have in mind before you start your project. This will save you time and money when the work is being performed, by being prepared and having an idea of what it will look like.
Home Staging
Staging has become an essential feature when selling a home. You want to highlight your home’s features to potential buyers, ultimately so they can see themselves living in that space. Ace of Space Interiors uses basic design principals and savvy taste to stage your home in a neutral updated way, making your home very desirable. Warning: you may not want to move.
Interior Decorating
Looking to decorate or remodel? Our interior decorating service includes Design concept, Kitchen or Bathroom design and 3D Rendering. Once we finalize a design concept, we get out there and source source source in order to get you what you are after. We extend a 15% discount from all of our suppliers to further help with the budget. We will organize deliveries, unboxing, putting things together if need be and blanketing your space with the proper accessories so that when you walk in, the room will greet you!
Know what you want but not sure where to shop? Here at Ace of Space we are excellent at sourcing! Sourcing is billed at an hourly rate. We also extend 15% discount from participating suppliers.

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Ace Of Space Interiors

263 Glenholme Avenue, Toronto

+1 (416) 804 1586

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